Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

Briefing for gorilla tracking at Bwindi

Uganda is home to over 50% of the remaining Mountain Gorillas with over 11 groups that have been habituated for tourist viewing.

Mountain Gorilla tracking is the most thrilling and rewarding activity in the Virunga ecosystem.

In Uganda, Gorilla tracking is done at Bwindi and Mghahinga. From the south of Bwindi there are groups at Nkuringo, Rushaga and Rubuguri. To the East Bwindi there more groups at Bitukura, Kyaguriro, Oruzogo while at Buhoma in the north there Mubare, Habinyanga and Rushegura .

The Mountain Gorilla habituation experience that was recently introduced at Bwindi offers the best Gorilla experience ever in the Virungas. This experience brings you closer to the Gorillas and will stay with them longer than the traditional one hour tracking expe

We provide Gorilla tracking experiences from one day to five days depending on the days that you have .


Day 1 Arrive in Enttebbe

Day 2 Drive to Bwindi.

Day 3 Track Mountain Gorillas.

Day 4 Optional Day /Gorilla tracking

Day 5 Travel to Kampala

Day 6 Departure

Option 2

Day 1 Arrive in Kigali Rwanda. Stay at the nearest hotel

Day 2 Drive to Bwindi

Day 3 Gorilla tracking

Day 4 Drive to Kigali

Day 5 Departure

Option 3

Gorilla habituation experience

Day 1 Arrive in Uganda or Rwanda

Day 2 Travel to Bwindi

Day 3 Gorilla habituation

Day 4 Gorilla tracking .

Day 5 Travel to airport for departure

Mountain Gorilla

Ready for gorilla tracking

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