The remote Uganda

East African Journeys has identified a number of activities below for a typical ecosafari experience and adventure. Some activities may last longer than the others. We encourage our prospective clients to choose from these identified activities and we will help to design a detailed package

  • Rock Climbing and Abseiling in Sipi Falls:
    Sipi falls is a paradise full of flowers, birds, waterfalls and creeks located on the foot of Mount Elgon; At least 3 waterfalls can be visited in a full day hike. Walking in this area must feel like being Adam or Eve, so make sure you don’t eat from the wrong apple! Rock hiking from the 1000 meter high water fall makes the activity more active.
  • Trekking Mount Elgon
    Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano with the largest surface area in the world (50 km by 80km) and a caldera which covers over 40km at the top of the mountain. The highest peak is Wagagai, 4.321 m. It lies at the border with Kenya in Eastern Uganda. The full trekking circuit to the peaks takes 4 days to complete, following Sasa or Sipi Trails. The best times to climb Mount Elgon are during the dry seasons of June-August and December-March. No technical climbing equipment or skills are required to reach the main caldera and the peaks, while on the way, a choice of trails are interesting because of the unique flora and fauna, waterfalls, lakes, caves, gorges and hot springs.
  • White water rafting Tour on the white waters of the Nile, Bungee Jumping
  • Horseback riding along the Nile
    The Horses are very well trained and well taken care of by its Australian owners. There are horses for both inexperienced riders as experienced drivers. The view on the Nile is great and people waving at you when you pass their local villages will just make you smile.
  • Canoeing, trekking and camping on Lake Bunyonyi:
    we do a combination of canoeing and hiking around Lake Bunyonyi, far away from touristy areas. You get to know seven islands, stay with local families, meet the Batwa ('Pygmies') and admire views of volcanoes.
  • Kidepo Valley National Park
    Kidepo is Uganda’s remotest national park and rarely visited. The great savanna landscapes and the mountains on the background make you feel like being at the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater 50 years ago at the same time. We do bush camping where one will have a chance of being visited by lions and jackal. Kidepo hosts as well most animal species of all national parks in Uganda, including lion, giraffe, elephant, buffalo, leopard, ostrich and cheetah. Kidepo is for sure the best kept secret in Uganda.
  • Visit the Karamajong in Pian Upe Game reserve
    visiting the karamajong is a very rare activity that has not been done by so many visitors in uganda. The Karamajong live in a beatifull setting of savanne with dramatic mountains on the background. The Karamajong live in traditional manyatas together with their cattle. The Karamajong is related to Maasai in Kenya and their traditional norms are quiet similar
  • Rwenzori Mountain Trekking.
    The Rwenzori Mountains are a world heritage site with the most spectacular mountains of this continent. With varied vegetation, endemic plants and bird species and more snow on the peaks.

    All treks include accommodation (camping) and meals. Equipment such as crampons, boots, harnesses, sleeping bags, woolen beanies (hat), gloves, and raincoats are available for hire. It takes 9days to trek up to mount Stanley - Margherita Peak (5109 meters).

  • Visit a traditional village in Rubirizi
    Bird Uganda safaris/East African Journeys developed a three days typical Uganda village experience where by the tourist participates actively in village /family day to day activities. This is a way of experiencing together the way of life of the local Ugandans. We camp in the garden of a farmer or house of a local or a nearby village camp, we harvest and cook together the local food, firewood collection, we visit the school, we take part in brewing the local Gin (Waragi), visit a local bar and we make a bike tour through the village. All guides are from the village itself and the whole community is benefitting from your visit. We guarantee you to have the warmest welcome in your life. It’s just impossible to leave without a smile from ear to ear!
  • Habituation day with the wild chimps of Kibale forest.
    Chimpanzee Habituation Uganda in Kibale National Park is a lifetime experience which is unique as it allows you to join Kibale’s researchers and habituation trackers during their daily activities with the chimpanzees. Chimpanzees have a fission-fusion community structure, which means that they are not in constant contact with one another and often forage in small parties or even alone.
    In order to keep abreast of the movements of the rest of the community (who may be over 1km away), chimpanzees use loud vocalizations and drumming on large tree buttresses as a means of communicating with the other members of their group. They are most vocal early in the morning and late in the afternoon, and researchers are able to take advantage of this fact for contacting them.
  • Sleep in a tree House in the middle of the forest.
    For your ultimate adventure, you should not miss out on this. Officially part of a lodge, but 1 km walking away from this lodge -deep into the forest- you can find a small and basic tree-house on 10 meters height! Be ready for a lot of forest noise at night and monkeys, and sometimes chimps visiting you